Welcome and Thank you for visiting our Garinko ice-breaker cruise reservation website!  Garinko ice-breaker, noted for its red colored ship, is characterized by its two large drills to shatter drift ice on the Okhotsk Sea in Mombetsu, Hokkaido, Japan. Hokkaido? The Sea of Okhotsk? Yes, of course, it’s surprisingly cold here in winter. We hope you enjoy the magnificent views of blue sky and drift ice in fresh and clear air in winter from the red Garinko ice-breaker.

How to make a reservation for Garinko Ice-breaker Cruise in Mombetsu

To make a reservation, please let us know followings by E-mail or Fax:
Person in charge of inbound business is SHIKODA (Mr).

After confirming your request, our staffs will send you a confirmation mail back soon.

We need your information as below:

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1 Your name (representative of your group, the same hereinafter);

2 Your country and city (or county);

3 Date and time of the reservation;

* We have an availability page (google translated), however it is not always the latest information. If the cruise is full, we would ask you to change your cruise.

4 Your hotel's name and staying period;

5 Your cellular phone (or mobile phone) number;
* your contact phone number is required when we contact you in case of the cancellation of the cruise by the rough weather et cetera
* if you have no cellular phone available in Japan, your hotel's phone number instead.

6 Number of passenger(s) (adults, primary school children, and preschool children).
* primary school children in Japan are 7 to 12-year-old.

For information in Chinese and Tai, please refer our brochure.  (PDF (1.7MB), PNG (7.1MB), JPG (0.8MB))


Cruise Fare, Time and Cruise Reservation Status

Fare and cruise time in winter vary according to the ice condition.


Fare for adults

Fare for children
(primary school)

Fare for infant

Cruise time

White Ocean
(reachable ice)





Blue Ocean
(no ice)





* you can not always see drift ice in winter. (it is a matter of chance)
* primary school children in Japan are 7 to 12-year-old

If you would like to visit the Okhotsk Tower, a unit ticket is available. If you visit the tower first, please show your stub when you buy the Garinko's ticket at the ticket counter.


Payment and Boarding Procedure

- Payment is at the time of boarding procedure.  The ticket counter is open at 30 minutes before the departure time. Please show up at least 15 minutes before the departure time and tell your name to our staffs at the ticket counter to identify.

- All seats of Garinko cruises are non-reserved. If you would like to have your own seat in the cabin, please come early and wait in line because passengers who wait in line first will board the ship first.  


Precautions when Reservation and Cruise

- In Blue Ocean (no ice) condition, the passage fare is discounted (or the refund for the difference is issued).

- Cruises might be cancelled due to lack of enough reservation less than 10 people (minimum number of passengers for departure), inclement weather including rough sea condition, heavy snow storm and strong wind.

- Should your cruise be canceled, we will contact you by telephone, e-mail, or via your hotel, as well as post the information to the availability page (if it is on as scheduled, there will be no notice).


Transportation to Garinko Station (Garinko Cruise Boarding Place)

About the transportation, please refer to the access guide page for PCs or smartphones.  Garinko Station’s mailing address is

Kaiyokoen 1, Mombetsu city, Hokkaido. 094-0031 Japan


Ice condition Information

About the ice condition, please consult pages of Japan Meteorological Agency (forecast, animation), Japan Coast Guard (prompt report) or Hokkaido University.

Hyperlinks for your reference about:

access information = Mombetsu City Office's page (google translated);

tourist information = Mombetsu Tourist Association (e-mail);

google translated of this web site = Garinko-go II (the Garinko), the Okhotsk Tower (the Tower), Okhotsk Tokkari Center (the Seals');

google map = detail, city size, large, ex-large.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Have a safe trip to Mombetsu and we are looking forward to seeing you soon!